series of images of Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center

About the Center

Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center is a rental facility as well as a club meeting center. LBA&GC was founded by several gardening and art clubs, and is now home to clubs whose interests expand from flowers to fine arts. The Center was incorporated June 29, 1954.

The objectives of the Center are:
(a)    to stimulate the interest of the community in cultural activities;
(b)    to aid in beautifying the community by encouraging better gardening practices;
(c)    to advance art education and appreciation by the public; and
(d)    to provide a suitable place for the development of such interests.

The Center is located at 2050 Yulupa Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA 95405.


To learn more, you can contact us at . For rental requests, please use the form located on our Rent the Hall page.