Looking up at a ring of treesWelcome all Pagans, Pagan friendly folk, and those who may be questing a spiritual path of their own. We are a group who like to share in community and social activities. At each monthly event we share a Pot-Luck, then have a special presenter on a Pagan-centric subject, or a movie, or a ritual, or some other special event.
We gather once a month on the third Friday of every month at 7:00 p.m. in Santa Rosa at the Luther Burbank Art & Garden Center. We’d love you join us for an evening of friendship and community. We are a family-friendly, clean and sober organization. For operating costs we ask a donation of $10-$5 from non-members. Membership is available for $30 per year. The Sonoma County Pagan Network is a non-profit 501(c)(3) religious organization.

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A Bit Of History

The Sonoma County Pagan Network was founded in November of 2000 to help fill the need of having a centralized point of contact for the North Coast Pagan community. It has been very difficult to find the necessary resources that a Pagan needs, one of those resources being like-minded others. We all need community to share our trials and tribulations, our knowledge and traditions, our joys and accomplishments, yet it has been very difficult to find others or make contact with existing groups. This is very ironic, as this area has one of the highest concentrations of Pagans in the country!

The first meeting was held Yule of 2000, with Jonathan, Lacrima, Moki and Wren. The Sonoma County Pagan Network was born from that night and has grown to about 30 individuals representing several different Pagan groups, covens and Solitaires. Each meeting sees many new faces, and at any given meeting or gathering there are usually 10-20, or more, people. The success of this group has been the wonderful people that give their time and energy to maintaining a great community of learning, teaching, sharing and friendship. If you are new to the area or a long time resident, we would encourage you to join us for an evening of friendship and community, and to share your experiences as a member of our Pagan community.

We do enjoy the talents of many wonderful people and encourage anyone who wishes to share a topic relevant to our lives as Pagans to do so. Check our event calendar above, or on our website for upcoming meetings, and please come visit with us for a couple of hours.

NOTE: All brooms are to be checked at the door unless previous arrangements have been made!

Blessed Be


  • 2018
  • January 2018, 2018 – Christo-Paganism
  • 2017
  • December 15, 2017 – Yule Ritual & Feast
  • November 17, 2017 – Divination Night Fund Raiser
  • October 27, 2017 – Samhain Ritual & Witches Ball
  • October 20, 2017 – TBA & Board Elections
  • September 15, 2017 – Altars for Devotion and Practice/ Creating a Traveling Altar: An altar can be a place where you spend time in devotion to your Godds, ancestors, or allies. It can be a place of song, offerings, and prayer. An altar can be a place of magical working. Where you get your hands dirty in the crafting of spell work. Any surface can be an altar and an altar can be any thing.Join Phoenix, author of Hoodoo Shrines and Altar in a conversation about the ways to work with sacred space and create your own traveling altar for your own magic and devotion.We will be creating our own travel altar or minature altar. – For more info, go to: Facebook Event Page: SCPN – September Event
  • August 18, 2017 – Let the Spirit of Earth Call You Home: Join Solstice in weaving a vision of peace and healing. With the wisdom and guidance of the Deep Earth Realms and the practices of the Earth Spirit Path, we will build a vision of a future where humanity is at peace, where the Earth is healed, where we once again live in harmony with the Land. We will call on the Spirit of the Stars, the Spirit of the Sun, the Spirit of the Moon, and the Spirit of the Earth to guide us as we seed our vision into the Astral, from where it flows into our collective subconscious. – For more info, go to: Facebook Event Page: SCPN – August Event
  • July 21, 2017 – The Cauldron of the Celts: Devotion is a feast with the Cauldron of the Celts!Join The Cauldron of The Celts for an evening exploring how we have adapted ancient traditions to our modern world. We will talk about why we came to the conscious choice of organizing the Cauldron as a traveling feasting hall. How making a modern calendar of holy days, hospitality, and practical devotion as the everyday sacred is the foundation of our work, powered by the magic of butter. – For more info, go to: Facebook Event Page: SCPN – July Event
  • June 16, 2017 – A Memoir Of Recovery Through EMDR Therapy: EVERY MOMENT OF A FALL : A MEMOIR OF RECOVERY THROUGH EMDR THERAPYCarol E. Miller, PhD will read from her memoir, EVERY MOMENT OF A FALL : A MEMOIR OF RECOVERY THROUGH EMDR THERAPY. . Andy Weisskoff, LCSW will describe how EMDR works and how an EMDR session is typically structured. – For more info, go to: Facebook Event Page: SCPN – June Event
  • May 19, 2017 – Queen Hatshepsut: from Queen to Pharoah: Egyptian Queen Hatshepsut’s rise from Queen to Pharoah: her struggle to claim the throne of Egypt as a woman, and how this affected the way she was portrayed in survivng ancient Egyptian art (sculptures, pictographs, heiroglyphs, etc) with both masculine and feminine qualities. Her close relationship with the Egyptian God Amun-Re will also be discussed. – For more info, go to: Facebook Event Page: SCPN – May Event
  • April 21, 2017 – Folk Magic: Catherine Yronwode of the Lucky Mojo Curio Company will be talking w/ us about Folk Magic.BIO: Catherine yronwode is the proprietor of the Lucky Mojo Curio Company, a manufactory for traditional herb-based spiritual supplies. She is a professional card reader, palmist, and rootworker and teaches a one-year intensive course in spiritual conjure practice with more than 2,100 students, both professional spiritual workers and home-practitioners. – For more info, go to: Facebook Event Page: SCPN – April Event
  • March 17, 2017 – The Story of Ritual: Building Skills, Making Magick With Irisanya Moon: No matter what we call ourselves, witches, pagans, magic makers, or human, ritual appears in our lives. We’re hard-wired for ritual, for consistency, for comfort and connection.The Story of Ritual cycle explores the various facets of ritual architecture for personal and public ritual: Cleaning and Grounding, Casting and Container Building, Elements and Allies, Deities and Story, Trance and Embodiment, Dance and Drum, Song and Rhythm, Devotion, and Ritual Creation.At SCPN, we’ll warm up for this year-long class by discussing what makes a ritual work, what might make a ritual work even better, and what rituals we might create on our own or with each other. – For more info, go to: Facebook Event Page: SCPN – March Event
  • FEB 17TH, 2017 – MOVIE NIGHT: We have the great pleasure of showing Carol Lynn Pearson’s heralded One-Woman play “Mother Wove The Morning“, in which she depicts sixteen women throughout history in search of the female face of God. This play was first performed in Walnut Creek, California, in 1989. It was an instent hit. “Subsequently [she] played across the country and abroad, ultimately doing more than 300 performances, one on Crete for the International Partnership Conference, invited by Margarita Papandreo, first lady of Greece, and author Riane Eisler. [She] learned that the hunger in [her] own heart for the Mother was matched by the hunger in the hearts of thousands of other women and men.” – For more info, go to: Facebook Event Page: SCPN – Mother Wove The Morning
  • JAN 20, 2017 – An Evening with CAYA Pagan Congregation: Journeyers, Wanderers, Lovers of Life
    Come, Come, Come…This month we will be hosting members of CAYA (Come As You Are) Pagan Congregation to share with us their Tradition. Come join us in learning about CAYA.

    “This evening, members of CAYA will be sharing key moments from the ten year history of our work in the San Francisco Bay Area. – For more info, go to: Facebook Event Page: SCPN – Jan Event